Product Description



  1. Easy to mat cutting, model making, carving, scoring, etching , trimming.
  2. With anti-skid designed knife body, it is easier and more flexible to be operated.
  3. With stainless metal tooling blade, it is super sharp, and long lasting.



  • Blade material: stainless steel
  • Handle material: aluminium
  • Length and Dia: 15cm, 0.8cm
  • Color: silver


How to replace the razor blades:

  • Unscrews at the tip to unlock the blade, take out the dull razor you have used for so long.
  • Tighten it back up after you swap out to lock the new blade in place.
  • Pls watch out for your fingers when you do this to aviod any cutting and scratches.



  • Pls cover the precision knife blade with protective cap after use it, and keep it away from children.


Package Contents:

  1. 1 x Professional Stainless Steel Precision Knife
  2. 5 x Replaceable blade


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